Town’s Finest Week 3: The Golden State Warriors’ Flawlessly Flawed Road Trip

Golden State Warriors, (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Golden State Warriors, (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors, (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

In Jannelle Moore’s latest edition of her weekly column, “Town’s Finest,” she breaks down her thoughts on the Golden State Warriors’ 6-game road trip.

The Golden State Warriors are perfectly imperfect.

Kevin Durant raised $40 million dollars worth of hell and the ire of the refs, getting ejected twiceShaun Livingston was ejected and suspended for his altercation with referee Courtney Kirkland.

But the Dubs won both of those games.

Against the Lakers, Stephen Curry struggled from the field and racked up his share of turnovers while he played through  the pain of a hand/finger contusion.

Dubs won in overtime thanks to Curry’s 13 point run.

Curry then sprained his right ankle and missed the final two games of this trip.  Patrick McCaw and Zaza Pachulia  also missed the final two games, while Draymond Green missed one.

None of these complications mattered because the Warriors became the 11th team in NBA history to post a 6-0 road trip after their 102-98 victory against the Detroit Pistons Friday night.

Ironically, the Dubs needed a stretch like what they endured on this road trip. In multiple games, the Warriors looked disengaged, undisciplined, and skated by on their talent.  The adversity during this road trip forced the Warriors to focus, adjust, and execute on both sides of the ball.

Subsequently, this road trip also reminded us of the strength, depth and resiliency of this team and provided it’s share of top performances and moments so let’s get into them.