Monday Musings: Vintage Stephen Curry delivers the Warriors three more road wins

DALLAS, TX - JANUARY 3: Stephen Curry
DALLAS, TX - JANUARY 3: Stephen Curry /
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Things I Didn’t Like

DALLAS, TX – JANUARY 3: Kevin Durant
DALLAS, TX – JANUARY 3: Kevin Durant /


Look, I’m not here to complain about the Warriors having another perfect week or Curry putting on a show — which makes these “Things I Didn’t Like” sections very hard to write.

But the one complaint I have this week would be the Dallas game, which they probably deserved to lose the way they squandered a comfortable lead in the final minutes. Golden State had a 10-point lead with under three minutes to play. Somehow, they let the Mavs back in it and needed Curry’s 3-pointer over an 80-year-old Dirk Nowitzki to seal the deal.

Steve Kerr, ever the comic, had a great quote about the excuse that it was the middle of January.

This is what got the Warriors in trouble in the beginning of the season, when they were building up  big leads only to collapse because they weren’t focused.

I doubt this will be an issue come May, but I agree with Kerr. Just because it isn’t the playoffs doesn’t mean you can slack off.

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However, we got to see vintage Curry, so I’d say it was a pretty good week.