Monday Musings: Let’s have a Warriors-Celtics Finals, please

Golden State Warriors, (Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)
Golden State Warriors, (Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors, (Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Things I Liked

Stephen Curry. I don’t understand why these narratives about Curry being a “collaborative talent” or not a true point guard exist. Maybe it’s because he’s not the only star on this star-studded team. Or maybe it’s because he does things that nobody else can really do.

I thoroughly enjoyed his performance against the Celtics, where he went off for 49 points and five assists, with eight made 3s.

This was vintage Curry, which is weird to write. But we’ve rarely seen him do this since Kevin Durant came on board — mostly because he doesn’t have to. Still, there are nights when he will literally carry the offense, and he did against the Celtics, putting together a masterpiece and going back-and-forth with Kyrie Irving in a All-Star matchup that did not disappoint.

It’s a beautiful thing, watching Curry shoot the basketball. I feel sorry for people who find ways to criticize him. Even Dan Rather would agree.

Talent. Never forget, as we watch this team roll toward what looks like another championship season, that we’re watching history.

History, as in the fact that we’ve never seen a basketball team this talented take the court. History, as in having four All-Stars selected for the second season in a row. Remember when David Lee snapped a 15-year All-Star-less streak for the Warriors back in 2013, and we were, like, really, really excited? Good times.

And talent translates to wins: that’s no secret. It masks a lot of deficiencies. Steve Kerr had this to say after the Warriors committed 15 turnovers but dropped 21 three-pointers to rout the Timberwolves:

"“Our guys are so talented they lit up the scoreboard. They can win a lot of games without being totally dialed in and defending at a high level and that’s what happened tonight. It wasn’t our best effort, but talent wins.”"

This was also true against the Knicks, when the Warriors did their typical thing of not really caring for much of the first half and then just pouring it on for a few minutes to close the deal.

Just one of the reasons why this team is the best.