Monday Musings: Let’s have a Warriors-Celtics Finals, please

Golden State Warriors, (Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)
Golden State Warriors, (Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Golden State Warriors, (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Golden State Warriors, (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

Things I Didn’t Like

Kevin Durant’s ejection roll. Durant was ejected yet again on Tuesday after picking up two technicals. He barked at the referees after a non-foul call, and left the game against the Knicks late in the fourth quarter:

It’s worth noting that he did apologize to the referee, James Williams, the following day. That was not a foul. It didn’t warrant whatever ensued between Durant and Williams afterward. But it was yet another instance where KD has lost his cool and had to take an early shower.

It’s also a larger implication of the ongoing friction between referees and players in the NBA. Now, referees make bad calls. They miss calls. It’s part of the game. But this kind of aggravation by players like Durant doesn’t help. Nothing gets solved, and it ends with either an ejection or a salty postgame interview that leads to a fine.

Durant has done this countlessly this season. Draymond does it a lot. It’s fine to disagree with a call, to voice your displeasure with the refs. But do it respectfully, constructively. Otherwise, it’s just a bad look on yourself — and ultimately, the team.

Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy. Anybody else getting tired of these two having in-game panel discussions when there’s actual, exciting action on the court? During the third quarter of Saturday’s game, while Curry was going off, the ESPN broadcasters decided they’d have an in-depth conversation on the state of officiating in the league.

If I wanted to hear hot takes, I’d tune in to First Take. I used to like when the Warriors were on national television because that meant it was one of the rare times they’d be on national television. Now, not so much.

The Cavaliers. I only say this because after watching the Warriors play the Celtics on Saturday, I really want to see a Finals matchup between those two games. I think Cavs-Warriors is such a tired narrative by now, and you just know the entire Finals will be dominated by LeBron drama. Plus, as much as I’m enjoying the Cavs’ current implosion, it actually tires me out, hearing about the latest issues in Cleveland.

The Celtics are a refreshing team to watch. They have a fun new leader in Kyrie Irving, whose battle with Steph on Saturday was basketball at its finest. They have a young nucleus in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, who matchup well with the Warriors. Al Horford is a good stretch-four. And Brad Stevens is an excellent coach.

Next: Warriors beat Celtics 109-105

I would argue they present much bigger issues to the Warriors than the Cavs do. Obviously, the Warriors would still be favored in any series. But, from a league standpoint — and even from a Warriors fan’s stand standpoint — I would much rather watch a Warriors-Celtics Finals than the old, tired narrative.