DeMarcus Cousins not focused on free agency is a good sign for Golden State

The Golden State Warriors star center DeMarcus Cousins is not thinking about free agency, which is a good sign for the Dubs.

This season, the Golden State Warriors’ Big 4 was graced with the presence of DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins signed with Golden State this offseason at a huge discount, giving him time to recover from his ruptured Achilles while consistently be around a winning atmosphere.

Over the last month, Cousins’ value has skyrocketed as he’s had dominant performance after dominant performance, showcasing an elite passing ability coupled with a powerful post presence.

Cousins’ thriving has led to fans and media questioning what Cousins will do this upcoming summer when the 28-year-old will become a free agent. He’ll likely be worth far more than the mere $5.3 million he signed for this offseason.

However, per Cousins’ appearance on Chris Haynes the “Posted Up” podcast, that’s not what’s on Boogie’s mind.

Transcripted by Sporting News:

“I don’t try to get too high. I don’t try to get too low with any moment that’s been going on,” Cousins said. “It’s going to be a year full of ups and downs. So I’m moving steady through it all. Like I’ll maneuver through the bullsh—. I’ll tell you, I roll with the punches and I’m taking it day by day. And when it’s time to make decisions, you know, I’ll make decisions. But as of right now, I don’t give a sh—.”

Cousins still won’t be worth a max contract, but he’ll certainly find himself making eight figures throughout the next few years. That’s if he wants to leave the Bay and find himself in an atmosphere that’s reliant on him to find success.

This season, Cousins has scored 15.9 points per game, the lowest average for Boogie since his rookie season. He also chips in 8.0 rebounds and 3.6 assists per game. The vast majority of Cousins’ stats are down from his career averages.

That hasn’t bothered Cousins though. It seems like he’s having arguably his most enjoyable season in the league. He’s fitting in on the league’s most dominant team, creating quite possibly the best lineup of all time.

The fact that Cousins is taking it day-by-day is, on top of not pondering on his long-term future, a good sign for the Dubs. It means their impact on Cousins and what they can offer this free agency will mean something to him.

It feels like he’d be more willing to talk about a quest for money or glory if he was planning on leaving. All the Warriors need to do is win their third-straight NBA Championship and then ask Cousins if he wants to go back to a mediocre team.

They may not have money, but they have a few other cards up their sleeve. However, if Durant leaves Golden State, they may be able to offer the 4x All-Star the eight-figure contract he deserves.