The Warriors shouldn’t trade D’Angelo Russell… PERIOD

Ever since arriving in the Bay, D’Angelo Russell has been bombarded with questions about his future with the Golden State Warriors but regardless the Warriors shouldn’t trade the All-Star… PERIOD.

Although questions will remain at least for the meanwhile in regards to D’Angelo Russell and his fit alongside Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry in a three-man backcourt, although Klay has played small forward quite a bit.

But lest we forget that the Dubs and Steve Kerr in particular started the small ball trend with Draymond Green playing as an undersized center.

Ever since then every team has tried to find their own Curry, their own Thompson and their own Green as the argument is further reinforced by the 2018 Atlanta Hawks draft class.

Fit is never the concern as the Dubs have always made things work. Few thought similarly when Kevin Durant arrived believing he’d want the ball consistently, few believed he’d mesh so well with Steph and they did.

This was because of Curry’s willingness to let other stars thrive, the duo have already agreed a system in terms of who handles the ball and with Thompson operating as a primary off ball weapon, the trio will coexist with ease.

Moving back to Russell though, the Warriors won’t find equal or greater value for the Ohio State alum unless they somehow manage to pry Giannis Antetokounmpo or Karl-Anthony Towns from the Bucks or Timberwolves. So is it worth trading him in that case?

The most notable names rumoured in trade proposals have been Ben Simmons, Aaron Gordon and Robert Covington, who was recently moved. Can anyone possibly argue that Gordon or Covington more rounded players than Russell?

Fit wouldn’t be a concern with Covington who is an excellent perimeter defender and three-point shooter, he could quite easily fill the Andre Iguodala role and is under contract for next season.

Baring that in mind, the Dubs would surely have to take back Gorgui Dieng for a year which wouldn’t be ideal and even then Covington doesn’t have the same scoring ability or upside as Russell.

Moving to Gordon, who has seemingly regressed this season would join Omari Spellman, Eric Paschall, Alen Smailgacic, Kevon Looney and Green as the power forwards on the roster therefore trading for him makes little sense considering his minutes would be limited.

The last name is Simmons, who’s fit would be beyond questionable considering his ineffectiveness from anywhere but inside the paint would greatly impact the Dubs ability to space the floor especially if Draymond Green is on the floor at the same time.

Taking all that into account is it really worth trading a 23-year-old All-Star who is enjoying a career year averaging 23.4 points per game on 43.2% shooting and 6.4 assists?

In addition, Russell knows what it takes to lead an offense having guided the Brooklyn Nets to the postseason last year and having led the baby Dubs on court this season.

Furthermore, the Warriors are in line for at least a top five pick if they continue on their current trajectory and can potentially package Russell with that pick, should they choose, trading the All-Star guard makes little sense at this point.

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Russell has three seasons remaining on his contract and is consistently improving, Bob Myers and the Warriors have no need to rush this decision and the best course of action might be to let the trio play together before deciding whether Russell is the Warriors’ future.

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