3 reasons the Golden State Warriors will be title contenders next season

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(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors will return to title contention once the 2019-2020 season officially comes to a close.

The 2019-2020 season was one of the worst seasons in franchise history. Despite having three three-time world champions, the Golden State Warriors just couldn’t get the job done on a consistent basis, but as many of us know, it was largely due to injuries.

The Warriors saw Stephen Curry go down in the fourth game of the season. He would return much later in the season but missed about four months with the injury, depleting any chance at success for Golden State.

Following that, news broke that Klay Thompson wouldn’t be returning this season. On top of all that, the team traded D’Angelo Russell, but to be fair, the damage had been done and it was clear they were getting nowhere this season.

They brought in draft capital and Andrew Wiggins to both fill their needs and enhance their future. The Warriors will soon see the slate wiped clean, and they’ll get to start all over again except this time they’ll be an NBA Finals-contending team.

Here are three reasons why they’ll bounce back in 2021.

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