Golden State Warriors: Quinn Cook gives positive update on Kevin Durant

Quinn Cook, a former Golden State Warriors point guard, gave an update on Kevin Durant, the team’s former superstar forward.

From one former Golden State Warriors about another: Kevin Durant is doing just fine.

With COVID-19, better known as coronavirus, sweeping the nation, players from all sports are being infected, along with athletes and other celebrities. So far, around ten NBA players have contracted the virus, one being superstar Kevin Durant.

Cook went onto NBC Sports Washington’s “Wizards Talk” podcast last week and discussed Durant, who plays just hours away from the nation’s capital.

That said, the two players relationship likely fostered during their back-to-back Finals runs with the Golden State Warriors. After all, winning a championship is bound to bring a group closer.

On a more serious note, Cook gave a positive update which likely calms the fears of many.

“He’s good. He’s good,” said Cook. “His spirits are good. K is in great spirits, still being K, man. Low, mellow, chill, moving at his own pace.”

It sounds like Durant is doing just fine. Cook later added on the podcast that Durant is just staying low and preaching social distancing as to not impact those more prone to serious side effects of the illness.

With states on lockdown, the league suspended and entire industries were shaken by the outspread virus, it’s nice to hear something positive. We need more of that in the NBA realm as fans oftentimes just bicker about which team is better.

Cook and Durant were both key pieces to the last two Warriors’ teams, and although they both opted to leave this offseason despite what would’ve been a warm welcome back, there’s little malice towards the two.

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The Warriors, who were the league’s worst team this season, have yet to have any of their own report having the virus despite the state being on a state-wide lockdown. That said, let’s hope this is resolved in the near future and the league can finish out the 2019-2020 season.

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