Golden State Warriors: Eric Paschall was easily best second-round pick

If the NBA cancels their season, Eric Paschall, the Golden State Warriors second of two second-round picks, will easily be the best pick in his respective round.

Some of the NBA’s stars or most crucial role players come later in the draft. Just like Draymond Green, Eric Paschall has a chance to be the next Golden State Warriors’ superstar that was selected in the second round.

Paschall was the 41st pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. After five years at the collegiate level and three spent at Villanova, Paschall was ready to make the jump but didn’t have the ceiling or youth to command a top-30 pick.

Dropping all the way past 40, the Golden State Warriors were on the clock and knew what to do. Like with Draymond Green, Paschall was proven. He knew his game, and he translated it quickly to the sport’s highest level.

Averaging 14.0 points per game, Paschall was easily the best second-round pick this season. He notched almost three times more per game than the second-best player taken in the same round. There were actually only three players, all top-three picks, ahead of him.

On top of that, Paschall collected 4.6 rebounds per game, the sixth-most of any rookie. He was responsible for the fourth-most win shares and shot the eleventh-best from the field among all rookies.

Those are some of his ranks, but his steady impact is what makes him a next-level contributor.

On the worst team in the NBA, Paschall’s numbers are likely to decrease next season given how he’ll play fewer minutes on a vastly improved Warriors team, but overall, he’s already made a name for himself as far as impact and efficiency are concerned.

The only knock to his game that could be improved easily is his three-point shooting. He shot under 29% from deep and could do better to achieve ample minutes alongside Draymond Green, a three-time All-Star that also seemingly turned into a non-shooter.

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Either way, Paschall was a great addition and should have a bright future with the Golden State Warriors.

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