Golden State Warriors: Joe Lacob talks potential trade down in NBA draft

The Golden State Warriors were the worst team in the NBA this season and will be gifted a top pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. What are their options?

The upcoming 2020 NBA Draft will be an intriguing one. It’s deep and has several players full of potential, but for the Golden State Warriors, a team that’ll have the highest odds for the top overall pick, there isn’t a surefire No. 1 like last year’s Zion Williamson.

Georgia phenom Anthony Edwards may be their preferred choice at the top, but players like James Wiseman, LaMelo Ball, Obi Toppin, and several others all make solid options as well.

Given the depth and lack of top-tier superstar talent, the Warriors could look to trade down if they have their eye set on a prospect not planning to be targeted within the top half a dozen picks. With the fluid draft, they’d need to be certain their guy would still be on the board.

That said, trading down would be ideal if they don’t find true superstar potential in Edwards.

It would make too much sense for them to do so if they could find a quality suitor. This scenario was something that was discussed recently with Golden State Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob on the “The TK Show.”

“Honestly. I’m not gonna hide this — we’re gonna look at drafting someone at our position. Maybe we trade down — that’s a possiblity. I’m not saying it’s preferred or not preferred. I’m just saying it’s something we have to look at it,” Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob said on The Athletic columnist Tim Kawakami’s “The TK Show.”

It’s not like Lacob went directly into saying that the team is going to do it, but he’s, at the very least, keeping his options open so teams know the Warriors are open to it.

As they should be, the Warriors should gain at least a handful of offers for teams looking at Edwards as their saving grace.

But, with the long-term future in mind and dominance in drafting in the middle of the lottery (where they snagged both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson), the Warriors may opt to trade back and hopefully acquire another future first-round pick.

The options are endless, and the possibilities for those options will be rolling in within the next few months as the draft talk heats up.