Golden State Warriors: Killian Hayes could be underrated NBA Draft option

The Golden State Warriors might want to keep their eyes open and consider selecting Killian Hayes in the 2020 NBA Draft.

We’ve been covering just about every top prospect the Golden State Warriors might consider selecting in the 2020 NBA Draft. One player we have not mentioned is Killian Hayes.

A 6’5″ point guard from France, Hayes has mostly gone under the radar. Even in a draft class that is considered to be weak, Hayes hasn’t received much love from scouts. However, he could be an ideal fit for the Warriors.

The Dubs have the highest chance of winning the NBA Draft Lottery but they also have a near 50 percent chance of falling outside the top three. If they fall down in the draft order, Hayes should be a real option for them.

Hayes averaged 11.6 points and 5.4 assists last season playing in the BBL. He displayed a great understanding of the game and showed potential as a pick-and-roll decision-maker. Hayes is the type of unselfish player the Dubs need.

He has raw talent as an off-dribble scorer. Hayes is crafty at finishing in the lane and is quickly developing as a pull-up shooter. With proper guidance, Hayes can become an offensive threat with Golden State.

His most valuable asset may be his size. Possessing a 6’8″ wingspan, Hayes is larger than most players at his position and could transition into a lockdown defender. His feel for the game on offense is matched by his awareness on defense.

One of his biggest downsides is his age. He is only 18 years old and still has a lot of work to do before being an NBA level player. This isn’t exactly ideal for the Dubs who are looking to win as soon as possible.

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Still, the Warriors would be happy to potentially buff their rotation by adding another point guard to the mix. Hayes can be work behind Stephen Curry and earn his spot in the rotation over time. If everything works out, Hayes could be a reliable second-string guard for years to come.