Bob Myers would pay “good money” to see prime Curry’s Warriors vs. Jordan’s Bulls

Could the prime 2016-2017 Stephen Curry-led Golden State Warriors down the mid-90s, Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls in a seven-game series?

As “The Last Dance” continues on, many are fantasizing about the league’s dynasties competing against each other. For the Warriors, the question is whether or not they could down Jordan’s Bulls.

Given the different eras, it’s tough to assume who would win, and it’s certainly an argument Twitter is loving. However, it’s not just between the Bulls and Warriors, but the showtime Lakers are oftentimes also thrown in the mix.

“I tell you what, it would be a hell of a fun [matchup] to watch. I’d love to see it. I’d go to that series. I’d pay good money,” Warriors’ general manager Bob Myers told ESPN’s Nick Friedell. Head coach Steve Kerr chimed in and said it’s “impossible” to compare the two.

Nonetheless, it’s a fun debate.

The Bulls were obviously led by Michael Jordan.

But aside from just prime Jordan, the Bulls had Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen, the two players often associated with their dynamic Big 3. Not together for every title, the Bulls won six titles in eight seasons.

As for the Warriors, they won three titles in four seasons, barely missing their three-peat which many feel they weren’t able to accomplish because of injuries.

That said, the Warriors were led by Curry, a two-time MVP. On top of Curry, they had Kevin Durant, a four-time scoring champion, Draymond Green, a former DPOY, and Klay Thompson, one of the best two-way guards in the NBA.

The two teams facing off, like Kerr said, is impossible to predict any outcome. However, the theories are out there, especially given how former Cavaliers’ forward Channing Frye recently called out Jordan for his style of play, sparking even more controversy.

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Sadly, as the Warriors rejected a proposal for a “The Last Dance” type production, we won’t be seeing any documentary production from what could go down as the greatest team in NBA history.

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