Golden State Warriors not expected to play another game this season

The Golden State Warriors, by record, are the worst team in the NBA, giving them no chance of returning to play when the league resumes.

In Orlando, Florida, the NBA is planning to resume play with 22 teams. The Golden State Warriors, among eight other teams, mostly in the East, won’t be making the trip. Their 15-50 record didn’t exactly qualify as top 22.

The NBA is going to return this season. They’re not going to cancel the season; that’s a plus for all fans involved. After it was originally suspended in March, many had envisioned the league just shutting down and not crowning a champion.

Originally caused by the coronavirus, the main issue now is how to bring the sport back safely. It appears they have a plan in place, and at least for the 22 teams, it’ll start up in about two months as July 31 is the set return date that’s currently proposed.

The 22-team restart will likely be approved in the next few hours as the call, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, is at 12:30 pm EST.

The Warriors won’t be one of the teams brought back in action. In all reality, their season is over, and while it was a discouraging season, hope is on the horizon.

The team will return Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry next season all while possessing a top pick in the coming draft, one they’ll consider trading. They also have a trade exception they could use to improve their roster.

We don’t know exactly how the Warriors plan to rebuild their roster, but it is assumed that whatever they do it’ll be what Bob Myers and company best feel will prepare them for yet another NBA Finals run.

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The Warriors will return to prominence in the near future. In the meantime, let’s just be thankful some NBA action will return in the next few months.

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