Golden State Warriors: 9 free agents to target with MLE

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(Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors MLE is expected to be worth around $6 million dollars. Here are nine free agents they could potentially target with this.

If any team has benefited from the season being cut short, it’s the Golden State Warriors. Not only will this additional time off help star players like Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry recover but it also opens up more opportunities for the Dubs to reload their roster in the offseason.

It’s hard to predict exactly what will happen but the league is guaranteed to take a hit financially due to everything that is going on. This means the market may not be as hot for free agents and there will be an increased incentive to sign one-year deals in order to test the waters again next year.

This plays perfectly into the Warriors’ hands who are looking to make the most of their $6 million dollars mid-level exception (MLE). Signing a veteran player to round out the rest of their lineup is a huge goal for the team and it sounds like they have already drawn interest from multiple guys around the association.

A bit of negotiating will need to be done for all of these players. Nonetheless, here are nine free agency targets the Dubs should have this offseason.

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