Warriors Rumors: Team is thrilled to be missing out on Orlando restart

The Golden State Warriors are apart of the eight teams not heading to restart the season in Orlando, and they certainly aren’t upset about that.

The NBA is set to resume in Orlando, Florida on July 30. It’ll be a 22-team restart, and as the 15-50 Golden State Warriors are the worst team in the West record-wise, they will not see an invite as only playoff-contending teams or those in the area of contending will return.

For some, that’ll provide relief and an avenue to get back to their jobs. It will also have a significant financial benefit for not only the player but the league in general as the salary cap is already looking to take a steep hit this offseason.

However, that side, which includes LeBron James, is opposed by Kyrie Irving and an equally vocal group that doesn’t think coming back and restarting the league is the right move given all that’s currently happening in the United States.

Many of the Golden State Warriors, at least for now, don’t have an opinion on the safety and timing of the return and shouldn’t. They’re just seeming thrilled to not be involved in the restart.

According to The Athletic’s Ethan Strauss (subscription required), the Warriors and their front office are far from disappointed about not being included in the NBA’s restart. After all, at this point in the season, it’d be pointless for them.

While it would’ve great for the news cycle, not having Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in Orlando certainly isn’t the worst thing for Golden State. They can rest and recover after combining for a full five games in the 2019-2020 season.

After Curry broke his hand in the fourth game of the season, the season was doomed. D’Angelo Russell tried, but he couldn’t salvage the season on his own. That said, the Warriors can focus on the offseason without getting caught up in the drama that will surely follow the league.

The restart will likely continue even as players voice their concerns. However, if those big-name players do decide to sit out, it’ll be interesting how the league reacts. Either way, we know Golden State and their management will be watching it from their Bay Area homes.