Warriors news: Steve Kerr gives his thoughts on the asterisk championship

Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr (Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images)
Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr (Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images) /

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was candid about the title this year

Assuming the NBA’s season does continue and complete as expected in Orlando, it will be the first season after five straight years that the Golden State Warriors are not included in the NBA Finals.

For a short while, it actually looked as if the Warriors streak of winning the Western Conference Championship might hold despite them being out of playoff contention due to the season’s completion being in question.

Instead of canceling the season, though, the league has pressed on and aimed to make sure the year is finished. It will look different, no doubt. 82 games won’t be played. Home court advantage won’t be an actual thing in the postseason.

Many say this year should come with an asterisk for whichever team wins the title, believing it’s not quite as legitamite as other years.

Steve Kerr spoke on that in the latest episode of his podcast, Flying Coach with Pete Carroll (in which Doc Rivers was a guest). The three discussed a wide range of topics, including Rivers and his handling of the Donald Sterling situation as well as how Rivers has a ban on stat sheets in the locker room.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr gave his thoughts on the 2020 NBA’s title legitimacy

Speaking on the legitimacy of this year’s title — should the season be completed in Orlando, that is — Steve Kerr said he feels there’s no doubt that this year should count.

In fact, he thinks this year might be more challenging than any other year.

"“If you win a championship this year, it is legit and deserved and I don’t care what anybody says. The whole asterisk thing, screw that. Anybody who goes and stays in a hotel room in Orlando for three months deserves a championship. And this is going to be tough.”"

To be sure, it will be different than previous championships. There will actually be some advantages for coaches and players, though.

No travel to and from their home base will allow for less jet lag and time adjustment. There could be more time for game planning and preparation. Certainly, there will be more time to build up team chemistry and camaraderie.

Living in one place for months with limitations on leaving the campus environment, all with the stress of the climate surrounding the current pandemic won’t be without its trials, though. All while managing players who might begin to go stir crazy (or just get annoyed with too much time with the same people).

To Kerr, this year’s title matters just as much as any other.

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