Golden State Warriors: 5 ideal trades for Orlando’s Aaron Gordon

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(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

The Warriors could trade their way back into Finals contention with the right deal, and Orlando’s Aaron Gordon should be part of that package.

There’s no denying this has been a tough season for the Golden State Warriors. After five straight Finals appearances, they’ll end the year as the Western Conference worst team, totaling just 15 wins and 50 losses.

The original plan was for Stephen Curry to lead the team while Klay Thompson returned to full strength and prepared to join the team for a playoff run. That went out the door when Stephen Curry broke his left hand in the fourth game of the season.

After that, the Warriors were largely led by D’Angelo Russell who they traded prior to the 2020 deadline. They brought in the Wolves 2021 first-round pick plus other assets, a deal many thought they could’ve secured more from.

With the pieces in play to improve their team this offseason, the Warriors will consider dealing their 2020 first-round pick, likely retaining the Wolves pick in a draft class considered to be much better than this upcoming one.

One such player that they could bring in for that pick is Aaron Gordon, who, according to NBC Sports’ Monte Poole, the team likes “a lot.” That said, let’s dive into five different trades that would result in Gordon being in the Bay Area next season.

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