4 Golden State Warriors that would benefit the most from a second bubble

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(Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors may be playing in a second bubble, one more focused on mini-camps and team improved than crowning a champion.

As the NBA is just under 20 days away from restarting in Orlando with 22 teams, the push for a second bubble, which the Golden State Warriors young core would likely take place in, is still in progress.

The restart is scheduled for July 30. The Warriors, who were the NBA’s worst team and the only team out of playoff contention at the time of the league’s suspension, will not get a chance to continue their streak of five straight Finals appearances.

But, they may still get some closure to their season.

While it feels like a long shot to return to play in Chicago with the other seven teams given the extent of actions that have had to be taken for the Orlando restart, anything is possible, and the teams certainly have a reason to want their reason to end in a better light.

The Warriors would likely participate, but Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, according to ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan, would be unlikely to join the team. After all, a few meaningless games after five straight Finals appearances wouldn’t do them much good.

But, it may help a few other Dubs. That said, let’s dive into four Warriors that’d have the most gain from a second bubble coming to fruition.

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