Golden State Warriors: Draymond Green is a lock for Hall-of-Fame

Though many fans haven’t realized it yet, Draymond Green is a lock for the Hall-of-Fame due to his contributions to the Golden State Warriors.

Draymond Green has always been one of the most overlooked stars in the NBA. Though he has directly contributed to three championships and five NBA Finals appearances for the Golden State Warriors, some still undermine his legacy.

Recently, Bleacher Report posted an article listing every potential Hall-of-Famer on each current NBA team. The nominees were split into three categories, locks, on the bubble and rising stars. The Los Angeles Lakers led the field with three locks (LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis) while the Warriors had just one in Stephen Curry, while Klay Thompson and Green were listed as on the bubble candidates.

As Greg Swartz went on to explain, Thompson is extremely likely to get in while Green needs a few more All-Star caliber seasons before being considered a lock for the Hall-of-Fame. Apparently, a Defensive Player of the Year Award and being one of the most revolutionary defenders of all-time doesn’t cut it. For reference, Dennis Rodman reached only two All-Star games in his entire career.

Meanwhile, players such as Anthony Davis and Kyle Lowry were listed as ‘locks’ to make the HOF. This feels egregious, as Green undoubtedly had a bigger impact on the last decade of basketball than either Davis or Lowry. It’s even worse when looking at Thompson’s resume. In what world is Lowry a Hall-of-Famer over perhaps the greatest pure shooter in the history of basketball?

But, Thompson doesn’t need as much defending as Green. Just about everyone realizes Klay’s greatness. The same can’t be said for Draymond, even though he is arguably more important to the team.

Green’s versatility was the key to unlocking an all-time great system. His ability to defend all five positions and create plays for others made him a staple of the Warriors three championship runs. Without Green, there would be no dynasty.

Thompson’s HOF probability is listed at just over 50 percent while Green has a projected 30.2 percent chance of reaching the hall. Hopefully, the two will continue to prove their greatness and earn the respect they deserve.