Top 3 Golden State Warriors jerseys worn this season

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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors have a lot of good looking jerseys, but over the course of the last season, here are the top three that they wore.

The branding of the Golden State Warriors is just about as important to the team as the players that are on them. From the logo they have to the jerseys they wear, dozens of hours are poured into designing a team’s branding qualities.

In fact, the Golden State Warriors completely re-did their logo and branding last season to make it look more vivid, dynamic, and modern. As a result, most of their game jerseys were also updated this season as well.

With a new feel to the team and a new look, the refreshed Golden State Warriors did not live up to the hype that they had over the past couple of years. From winning multiple championships to being the last in the league, the Warriors had a rough season.

They might have been terrible last year, but they looked good doing it.

The jersey combinations that the Warriors displayed last year were some of the best we have seen the team wear in a very long time. It might have been a small touch up, but it had a huge difference in the look.

Here are the top three jerseys that the Warriors wore last season.

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