Golden State Warriors: 5 Stars they can acquire with ‘bridge option’

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(Photo by Ashley Landis – Pool/Getty Images)

1. Myles Turner

The missing ingredient to the Golden State Warriors has always been a star big-man. They tried to fill this void with DeMarcus Cousins last season and nearly ‘broke the NBA’ before injuries derailed their hopes. Now, they can recreate the magic by targetting Myles Turner.

The Indiana Pacers are darkhorse playoff contenders but don’t have the juice needed to make a real title run. This brings fire to rumors that Victor Oladipo could enter free agency by 2021. If these rumors continue to heat up, a full rebuild could take place – making Turner available to the Dubs.

Turner is a great shot blocker – leading the league in blocks last year and posting over 2 a game this year. He will defend the rim at an elite level but is a below-average rebounder for his position. Nonetheless, Turner can anchor the Dubs’ efforts in the paint.

On offense, he is one of the best 3-point shooting bigs in the NBA. He drilled nearly 100 3-pointers this year on 34.4 percent shooting and was close to 40 percent last season. Turner will bring quality shooting on this end of the floor and spread the defense.

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The Warriors would be unstoppable with a weapon like Turner playing alongside the Splash Brothers and Draymond Green. The only question is – could the Warriors package a good enough trade for the young star?

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