3 prospects that seem like perfect fits with the Golden State Warriors

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(Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors officially have the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft; here’s who should be atop their big board.

About a week and a half ago the Golden State Warriors entered the NBA Draft Lottery with the highest odds at the No. 1 overall selection. Sadly, they were not lucky enough to snag that pick, but instead, they found themselves at No. 2.

That position is far better than No. 5, the pick the Cleveland Cavaliers will be selecting from, so they did, to some teams, get lucky.

The Warriors have an array of things they could do with the pick, but the easiest would be to just keep it and search for their next superstar.

While that may also be the most difficult with the high-level prospects out there, the Golden State Warriors will have months to get their scouting in, something they should’ve been doing far before now.

With a need for depth at almost every position and a plethora of talent projected to be on the market, who the Warriors would opt to go with is relatively unknown. We know their interest in a few prospects, but do those players make the most sense?

That said, let’s dive into three prospects that’d be the best fit for the Golden State Warriors.

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