Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry’s 3-point playoff record is absurd

Golden State Warriors(Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Golden State Warriors(Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images) /

Stephen Curry has done a lot of crazy things for the Golden State Warriors but his playoff 3-point numbers might be his best feat yet.

LeBron James moved up to second place on the all-time NBA Playoff 3-point list on Sunday night after sinking his 386th career playoff 3-pointer. A spot behind him on the active list is Klay Thompson (374) of the Golden State Warriors and the only person ahead of James is the other Splash Brother, Stephen Curry.

But, despite appearing in 134 fewer playoff games, Curry stands nearly 100 3-pointers above James on the list with 470. Even more impressive is that Curry has played in the fewest games of anyone in the top-five all-time but has still connected on more deep shots than anyone in history.

All-time, Ray Allen sits third ahead of Thompson with 385 made playoff 3-pointers and Manu Ginobili rounds out the top-5 with 324.

Curry’s percentages from the 3-point line also make him one of the most efficient on the list. For example, James has shot 386-of-1,156 (33.4 percent) from deep throughout his playoff career. Meanwhile, Curry is at a much better clip of 470-1,171 (40.1 percent).

We all know Curry is a superior shooter to that of James. We don’t have to waste our time explaining that. But it is incredible to see how much more potent of a shooter Curry is than anyone else in his category. Ray Allen, the previous record holder, shoots the same percentage as Curry but connected on 100 fewer in 50 more playoff games. This goes to show how this combination of volume and efficiency from Curry has never been done before.

Then, we must note his percentages, specifically from the corner. Draymond Green recently said P.J. Tucker is the greatest corner shooter of all-time but has he forgotten about his own teammate? Curry has shot above 50 percent from the corners multiple times in his career and was an insane 15-of-25 (60 percent) from the corners during the Dubs’ 2017 championship run. Compare this to Tucker, who is shooting 20-for-52 (38.4 percent) from the corners currently.

It’s fairly obvious that Curry is the greatest shooter the league has ever seen and the numbers consistently support his greatness.

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