Golden State Warriors Rumors: Is two first-round picks and Andrew Wiggins enough for Joel Embiid?

The Golden State Warriors may look to bring in a third true superstar, and Sixers Joel Embiid could be their perfect target.

Of the teams truly looking to contend in the 2020-2021 season, the Golden State Warriors may be the most active in bringing in another superstar this offseason. While they don’t have to in order to contend, they may be forced to do so in order to keep pace with both the teams in Los Angeles.

They have the assets to get a top-20 player given their 15-win season that resulted in the 2020 NBA Draft’s No. 2 overall pick. It wasn’t an indirect tank for the top spot in the lottery as the team had to manage injuries to their two superstars.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combining for just two games caused the team to struggle. In the midst of that few months, the team opted to deal D’Angelo Russell, bringing in a high-value first-round pick in the 2021 NBA Draft.

What can two top picks and Andrew Wiggins get them? Well, according to Bleacher Report’s Grant Hughes, it may reel in Sixers’ star center Joel Embiid.

“Back in February, ESPN’s Tim Bontemps reported that most league executives believed Embiid, not Simmons, would be the one to go if Philly opts to break up the band. That still feels like the wiser choice today because of the big man’s inconsistent effort level and—yes, again—that health history.

“Landing spots are tricky to find, but the Sixers could do a lot worse than, say, Andrew Wiggins and a pair of first-rounders from the Warriors,” Hughes wrote.

Why would Embiid be on the hot seat after averaging 30 points per game in the organization’s long playoff series? Well, it would be because the Sixers don’t view they can win a title with both Embiid and Ben Simmons on the roster.

Embiid isn’t on the trading block, but the Sixers could listen to offers if they start to feel their young duo can’t get the job done. Of those offers, the best may the two first-round picks and Wiggins.

Would the Warriors even make that deal though? Would Embiid make them the top contender in the West? It’s hard to say.

Joel Embiid has an injury history which is something the team must consider, and whether his fit with the franchise is ideal given how much of the ball Embiid may need to succeed is also up in the air.

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It’d be a tough decision for general manager Bob Myers, and it’s one I don’t think he’d choose to make.