This creative Al Horford trade is something Warriors must consider

The Golden State Warriors have a plethora of assets they should use in order to bulk up their roster, one that could easily be among the NBA’s best next season.

There’s no denying the next three months will be among the most important for the Golden State Warriors‘ long-term future. While they’ve had several title runs in the last few seasons, they’ve done it on the back of the same core.

That core has since either left, been traded or is just getting older.

While even without any movement they’ll still be a top-tier organization next season, the Warriors have the pieces in place that they can add, subtract or move to make their roster even better next season.

One asset is the No. 2 overall pick, a tool they were able to secure from their 15-50 season. But, in this trade, they won’t be wheeling and dealing it. They’ll actually be securing more assets, likely to ship them out in another potential trade.

That said, in a piece crafted by Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz to showcase unlikely trades that would shock a fanbase, the Warriors brought in Sixers center’ Al Horford. They sent away Andrew Wiggins. However, the Warriors brought in more than just Horford.

In the hypothetical deal, they also added the No. 34 and No. 36 overall picks in the coming draft. Without too many roster spots, they’d likely trade a few of their several second-round picks in an even bigger deal, potentially one that uses their $17.2 million trade exception.

This trade does make sense for both parties as Horford could be the versatile big man the Warriors have craved. The Horford-Embiid combo never really made sense on paper, and it looked even worse on the court.

Horford can shoot and would help space the floor.

The team could then draft Deni Avdija or bring back Glenn Robinson III or Alec Burks to fill that small forward role. Either way, both Horford and Wiggins are on contracts that are very unfriendly for the franchise.

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This trade would be a win-win, especially for Philadelphia who would rid themselves of the mistake of Horford’s contract.