Golden State Warriors fans should love watching Mychal Mulder

The Golden State Warriors are no longer considered a superteam, but there are some players that you may like to watch in this season.

No, this Warriors roster is not the same and will not ever be the same as the dynasty team that ruled the NBA for several years. That team is gone, but not forgotten.

With Klay Thompson out for the whole year, there is no “Splash Brothers” this season, and for all we know, there may not be ever again, as Thompson’s injury is that severe and, given his past, could lead to more injuries in the future (let’s hope not).

Let’s look at the Nets, though, as former Warrior Kevin Durant had the same injury and is looking fantastic. That said, the Warriors are not the same, but this team has been fun so far. Steph Curry’s 62-point outburst against the Portland Trail Blazers was a fun moment, as he shut all the haters up.

Now, Draymond Green is back, which means this roster’s full identity will begin to shape itself; we saw that against the Kings. However, there is one player on this roster that you, Warriors fans, will love, and here’s why.

Mychal Mulder, G

This guy right here can flat out shoot it, and we all know Warriors fans are obsessed with the sound of the net swishing from a long distance. Mychal Mulder has shown some flashes, too, proving that he can potentially be on this team in the future.

The 26-year-old from Canada played at Kentucky in college, a school that has produced exceptional NBA talent.

While he only played seven games last year for Golden State, he shot 50 percent from three on nearly three attempts a game. With only seven games this season, he is not shooting quite that well, but he is putting on a show.

Against Brooklyn toward the start of the season, Mulder went 2-for-2 from three in just seven minutes. He had a similar performance two games later against Chicago, where he played just 11 minutes and knocked down two more threes.

Due to the large lead that the Warriors produced, Mulder showed out against Sacramento, going 4-for-4 from three in 14 minutes. It is proven that if this guy gets some time, he can shoot it, and that is one thing this team has shown they need this season.

He’s a fun player to watch, and one the Warriors’ fanbase should love.