4 trades the Golden State Warriors can make to add frontcourt depth

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Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors haven’t had a true center since Wiseman tweaked his ankle, and it’s clear they’ll need to add one for the remainder of the season.

Earlier this season, one of the Golden State Warriors’ three big men went down for the season. Marquese Chriss, who the team had high expectations for, broke his foot, and the Dubs were left with Kevon Looney and rookie James Wiseman.

Coming into the season, the Warriors knew Looney was injury-prone. Having played just one game in February, it’s a very real possibility that Looney continues to miss time. Even before his injury, Looney had only played over 20 minutes in two games.

Looney had lost time to No. 2 overall pick James Wiseman. However, Wiseman has also been out.

The Warriors have fallen to 16-15 with Wiseman having not played a single game in February. He could return in the near future, but then the Warriors would be with one center, not enough to play small-ball at will but instead being forced to play it out of necessity.

The team needs more big men, and it’s been a brutal, uphill fight without them. That said, let’s dive into four trades the team could easily make to ensure this situation doesn’t come back to life later in the season.

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