Golden State Warriors should avoid LaMarcus Aldridge

Add LaMarcus Aldridge to the long list of players the Golden State Warriors could target at the trade deadline – or later in the offseason when he becomes an unrestricted free agent. All we know is Aldridge and the San Antonio Spurs are getting ready to split up, and the Dubs can pounce on the opportunity.

Aldridge, a 35-year-old veteran on a $24 million dollar contract might not seem like a great option for the Dubs. The cost of acquiring him would result in a massive loss of depth or losing the likes of Andrew Wiggins. While Wiggins has had his fair share of troubles this year, I don’t think swapping him for Aldridge is the answer.

LaMarcus Aldridge has become available but it seems the Golden State Warriors should stay away from the former star.

This doesn’t mean that Aldridge wouldn’t be useful. In a world where cap space wasn’t a problem and the Dubs could simply swing for the former All-Star without giving up too much in order to make it work financially – Aldridge would be a magnificent player to add.

He is well past his prime but he’s still a deadeye shooter. He’s mastered the lost art of the mid-range and is an efficient post player as well. Aldridge is averaging 13.7 points and 4.5 rebounds this year, the lowest averages since his rookie year.

His playing time is down as well, playing under 30 minutes per game for the first time in over 10 years. This is the price of growing old but Aldridge still manages to be effective when he’s on the floor.

Of course, he’s declined greatly defensively and isn’t as active as he used to be on the glass. Nonetheless, his scoring could bring a great boost to the Warriors bench and his spacing ability would be welcomed.

However, the Dubs will likely avoid Aldridge at the deadline. Perhaps the front office will make another push for him when he becomes a free agent – assuming he’s open to a minimum contract.