The Golden State Warriors rely on Stephen Curry far too much

With Klay Thompson sidelined for the season, the Golden State Warriors have been led solely by Stephen Curry. While Draymond Green is also in their Big 3 and contributes, he’s not near the scorer that Curry is.

In the modern-day NBA, while defense is important, you have to score in bunches to win, and that’s Curry’s specialty. He’s also shown that he can be an above-average defender this season. Defensively, it’s a team effort. Offensively, it’s been the Curry show.

The Golden State Warriors have dependent on Stephen Curry for most of their offense, and that could be one reason they struggle moving forward.

Stephen Curry has been missed nine games this season. In those games, Golden State is just 1-8. It’s not the most shocking thing to read that the Warriors aren’t that good without their two-time MVP on the court.

There are only a handful of teams that can weather any type of storm without their star, and the Warriors aren’t one of them this season.

That said, the Golden State Warriors depend on Curry, and it’s, at times, too much. Curry is averaging 29.7 points per game this season. As a team, Golden State is at 112 per game which is 17th in the NBA.

Players with other dominant scorers like Bradley Beal and Damian Lillard rank within the top 15. The Blazers are really the only other team that can say they depend on a star as much, and they rank in the league’s top five in points per game.

Meaning, while Lillard is the main star, he is getting some help. Curry, who is averaging over a quarter of his team’s points when he takes the court, has the offense running through him.

Against the Bucks two nights ago, it either felt like Curry dancing around screens or a three-point shot by either Kelly Oubre Jr. or Andrew Wiggins on the other side of the court. While those clearly weren’t the only two options, it certainly seemed that way.

The Warriors are 13-8 when Curry puts up 30 or more points. When he doesn’t get there or doesn’t play, the Warriors are just 11-19. They can’t win when Curry doesn’t dominant, and that’ll be tough for Golden State in the postseason.

Kelly Oubre Jr. and Andrew Wiggins were brought in to relieve that burden, but it doesn’t seem like that’ll be the case until Klay Thompson returns next season.