How far can the Golden State Warriors extend this win streak?

With Stephen Curry playing video game-like basketball, the Golden State Warriors have won now three in a row. Over the past two weeks, Curry has been absolutely unguardable as the Dubs try to get back in playoff contention.

The Warriors had a rough stretch in which Curry missed a handful of games. Golden State lost seven of eight and was firmly put under .500, a rare position for a team captained by the two-time MVP Curry.

The Golden State Warriors are starting an away stretch in which almost every game will be winnable, so how long can they keep their win streak alive?

While the Warriors did take a 21-point lead into halftime behind a plus-17 second quarter, they extended their lead in a massive victory over Oklahoma City after a 50-point third quarter. To be fair, they played a Thunder team without many of their stars.

The Warriors ended up winning the game by 38, 147-109.

This was their third-straight win, and the confidence has been restored to a Warriors organization that seemed to be falling apart just a few weeks ago. It’s been Curry who returned and united Golden State.

In their victory over Oklahoma City, Curry put up 42 points. This was his eighth straight game in which he’s put up at least 30. He’s hit 40 in three of those games and 50 once. It’s been just a terrific showing for the league’s only unanimous MVP.

With Klay Thompson sidelined the entirety of the season, some didn’t think Curry had it in him to lead this team.

Now, they’re playing like a title-contending one. With a win over a healthy Nuggets team, the last time that they’ll be able to be said this season, the Warriors have ignited a spark that should continue for a few games.

They have a relatively easy schedule if they can get hot. The Warriors have Cleveland, Boston, Philadelphia, and then Washington on their East Coast road trip following their victory over Oklahoma City.

While not all will be easy, the Warriors can return home on a seven-game win streak if they can get by Boston and Philadelphia, both games which should challenge the red-hot Warriors.

The next game, outside of their matchup with the Sixers, in which the Dubs should be underdogs is against the Utah Jazz, 14 games away. While the Warriors won’t win them all, there is potential for them to win at least 10 of them.

That’d do this team a heap of good as they could enter the playoffs potentially without having to be in the play-in game scenario. For now, that’s looking unlikely though. What we do know is the Dubs will only go as far as Curry takes them.

But, if it’s this Curry that shows up and shows out, they’ll be just fine moving forward.