Steve Kerr lowers expectations for Golden State Warriors

If there is one thing the last year and a half of life has taught us, it is not to get our hopes up. The Golden State Warriors have routinely lowered their expectations throughout the season and Steve Kerr has once again lowered the bar for the Dubs.

In the summer, we were all looking forward to the reunion of the Splash Brothers. Those expectations were shattered when Klay Thompson fell with a season-ending injury. Following that, Dubs fans grew excited for the debut of James Wiseman — and although he didn’t suffer an injury, it became clear our expectations for the No. 2 overall picks would have to be much lower than they were pre-draft.

Even now, with the Warriors playing their best basketball of the last two years, expectations must once again, be lowered.

Steve Kerr isn’t afraid to tell the truth, the Golden State Warriors will simply be looking to secure a favorable position in the Play-In Tournament.

I think it’s fair to say most people were feeling a late-season run for the Dubs. All it took was for this group of hard-working guys to gel together and success would soon be in their future, right?

For the most part, this has been true. The Warriors rattled off a strong month of April behind the greatest shooting performance the league has ever seen out of Stephen Curry. More impressive, however, was the consistent effort from the supporting cast who helped raise expectations and set the sixth seed into the Warriors’ reach.

Like always… those expectations were quickly snuffed out.

The Dubs were smacked by the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday, further distancing the sixth-seed from the Warriors and making it more difficult to imagine them reaching the playoffs without going through the Play-In Tourney.

Now, Kerr says the goal is to simply push up into the higher seeds of the tournament and maintain a favorable position.

“We gotta try to, No. 1, qualify for the play-in. And, No. 2, put ourselves in the best position possible. If we could get to seven and have two home games to win one, that would be ideal. In order to get that done, it starts now”

Via NBC Sports

Kerr is right. The margin for error is too low in the Western Conference with only a few games separating the final few teams. If the Warriors want to finally reach their goal — they’ll need to start winning now.