Golden State Warriors are stumbling to the finish line

It was unrealistic to expect the Golden State Warriors to compete for a title this season. However, even the most modest goals of reaching the NBA Playoffs and being a pest to top-tier teams is something the Dubs are struggling to reach now.

Some of this isn’t their fault. It was impossible to know how raw of a prospect No. 2 overall pick James Wiseman would be — and Kelly Oubre’s latest injury has put a hard cap on any potential success the team could find.

Nonetheless, the Dubs entered the final month of the season with lofty, yet reachable aspirations. The possibility of jumping to sixth or seventh in the standings was real and their mid-April run indicated they could be a tough opponent to face in the first round.

Then, they were drop kicked in the mouth by Dallas. Soon after, they lost a very winnable game against Minnesota. Afterward, it took a third-quarter eruption from Stephen Curry to propel them over the last-place Houston Rockets.

The Golden State Warriors are stumbling to the finish line as injuries and inconsistent effort show they aren’t ready to compete.

To reiterate, the Warriors aren’t playing that far below what was expected of them this season. Regardless, the team went from hitting their stride to stumbling across the finish line as we approach the most crucial stretch of the season.

The Warriors have three games against the New Orleans Pelicans approaching. With exactly three games separating the two teams, it goes without saying how important it is they take care of business and put some distance between them and missing the Play-In.

Curry is about the only player that can be trusted to perform every night. With Oubre on the sideline, increased emphasis will be placed on Andrew Wiggins — who has historically crumbled under pressure.

These next few weeks will serve as one final chance for guys in supporting roles to step up and be the contributors they need to be. Hopefully, the Dubs regain their feet and head into the postseason with some momentum.