Golden State Warriors: Top 3 guards to target in 2021 NBA Draft

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Golden State Warriors (Photo by Porter Binks/Getty Images)

How can the Golden State Warriors get the most out of the 2021 NBA Draft? Well, besides selecting the best player available — they can fill one of their biggest needs: A backup point guard.

Last season was a rough one for Stephen Curry. Not in the sense that he was struggling — in fact, he had arguably the best individual run of his life. No, it was on the bench where Curry was at his most stressed. This is for the simple reason that when Curry wasn’t on the floor — the Dubs looked lost.

It wasn’t just that the Dubs didn’t have a steady presence lead the charge for the second unit. Truthfully, they didn’t have anyone outside of Jordan Poole that was capable of creating a shot for themselves or others on the bench.

The Golden State Warriors could use some firepower on the bench. Here are the top three guards to target in the 2021 NBA Draft.

This places an emphasis on adding another guard to this rotation before the season begins. Whether it be through free agency or the NBA Draft — someone has to take control of the bench squad.

Today, we will take a look at three guards who are best suited to jump straight into the NBA and have an impact on the Warriors.

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