Golden State Warriors have “as good an argument as anyone” to make NBA Finals

It’s been a tough last few seasons for the Golden State Warriors.

After reigning over the league for two straight seasons, they struggled to stay healthy during their 2019 NBA Finals run. Klay Thompson, DeMarcus Cousins, and Kevin Durant all missed time which was a major reason they weren’t able to cap off the three-peat.

Many analysts have already started to write off the Golden State Warriors, but with Klay Thompson healthy, they should be among the title favorites.

With tensions high, the Warriors watched Kevin Durant leave that offseason. The following season, knowing Thompson would be out the entirety of it, Golden State struggled, winning just five games.

This past season, they did finish in a top-eight spot as two-time MVP Stephen Curry led the league in scoring, but they played poorly against the Memphis Grizzlies and were sent home in the play-in tournament.

With the hope of Thompson’s return and the addition of many key veterans, the Warriors will be back into a form similar to when they were without Durant. If that will be enough is now the question at hand.

While many doubt, there’s no denying that this team will have as good of a shot at reigning over the Western Conference as just about every other franchise.

“The Warriors still have one of the best players in the world and an MVP candidate in Stephen Curry. They have one of the smartest players in the world in Draymond Green. And Andre Iguodala and Otto Porter are among vets who can make valuable contributions playing off the stars. Even if Klay is never the same Klay, some decent version of him next to the talent in place should make Golden State a very, very formidable opponent come playoff time. When you take into account the confusion at the top of the West—are the Lakers better? Do you trust the Suns?—the Warriors have as good an argument as anyone for why they should make the Finals,” Sports Illustrated’s Rohan Nadkarni wrote.

The Warriors could use a third superstar talent, yes. Ben Simmons or Bradley Beal could be players they look into trading major future pieces for, but at this time, it appears they’ll enter the season with the roster they currently have.

That should be enough too. As Nadkarni mentioned, there’s confusion at the top of the West. Is Phoenix good enough to do what they did again? Will Utah regress? Can LeBron keep up his greatness?

While all those questions need to be answered, the Warriors also have questions of their own that have the chance to bolster their cause. If Thompson comes back to his full form, they have that second elite scoring threat.

As many teams have superstar second options, it still may not be enough for Golden State, but I certainly wouldn’t count against a two-time MVP and an elite supporting cast.