Warriors: 15th roster spot still up in the air

The Golden State Warriors may have produced an impressive 4-0 start to the preseason, but the glaring question of the 15th roster spot remains unanswered.

With just one game remaining, all three possibilities seemingly remain a possibility. Will it be Avery Bradley, Gary Payton II, or will they keep the spot available for a potential buyout candidate later in the season?

The Golden State Warriors have one spot left on the regular-season 15-man roster, and there are several players currently vying for it.

Bradley has unequivocally had the greatest opportunity across the course of the preseason, having played 51 minutes across the four games.

Yet he’s failed to push his case undeniably, at least from an on-court perspective. His noted defensive ability has flashed at times but not consistently like we’ve seen in the past, whilst on the offensive end, he’s shot just 2-9 from three-point range.

That left the door open for Payton II, who missed the opening three preseason games recovering from a hernia injury. He wasted no time in making an impact in his season debut against the Lakers, unleashing a trio of dunks on his way to 12 points in 11 minutes on 5-7 from the field.

Although Payton II may have shown more in one quarter than Bradley has in four games, fans aren’t necessarily privy to the off-court intricate side of things. Most notably, superstar Stephen Curry had high praise for Bradley in an interview last week.

Whilst many may view it as a specific battle between Bradley and Payton II, both players also need to put forth a strong case that they’re even worth using the 15th roster spot on. They ultimately need to convince Bob Myers and Joe Lacob that they’re worth a contract, one that’ll come with rising luxury tax implications.

Although Friday’s game against the Phoenix Suns may bear little significance, and that much attention will now have turned to the season debut against the Lakers next week, there’s no doubt the 15th roster spot remains the highest priority question.

In an otherwise fairly meaningless game, expect Bradley and Payton II to make one last push for that final roster spot.