Warriors dubbed “most interesting” as trade deadline inches closer

It’s been an interesting last week and a half for the Golden State Warriors.

Fans were able to watch five-time All-Star Klay Thompson take the court for the first time in over two and a half years last Sunday. In an emotional game, the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers, but it hasn’t been easy sailing over the past 14 days.

The thriving Golden State Warriors were dubbed one of the “most interesting” teams as the 2022 NBA Trade Deadline continues to near.

Over the past two weeks, the Warriors really haven’t been playing at the high level we’ve gotten used to seeing them at. Golden State is just 3-5 over its last 8, still maintaining the No. 2 spot in the Western Conference.

They’ve had some clear flaws on both sides of the court, primarily on the offensive end with some inefficient shooting leading to losses. One way to correct flaws is to seek out new players and trade for them.

However, Golden State doesn’t necessarily have any weakness that is easy to correct.

If anything, they just need another superstar, but they clearly don’t have the desire or ability to trade for a player like Bradley Beal. Getting Thompson into the flow and speed of the game will be more important than any trade the Warriors can make.

Despite that, Sporting News recently ranked the Lakers and Warriors as the two “most interesting” teams prior to the 2022 NBA Trade Deadline. They also noted that it’s likely the Warriors stay put, not making any trade.

Golden State could use a more versatile big man that can protect the rim like Myles Turner, but Wiseman is expected to return at some point in February and can provide a similar style of play for the team’s frontcourt.

His addition to the rotation may bring about the same struggles that returning Wiseman did. Nonetheless, the Warriors ceiling with both in the lineup is among the highest in the NBA, and there really isn’t any need to go out and made a drastic move to improve slightly.

The opportunities are there for this team to thrive without having to do anything rash, and although the deadline is in sight, I wouldn’t expect Golden State to do anything unless an unforeseen injury comes to life.