Warriors fans need this Steph Curry All-Star Game MVP bobblehead


Steph Curry is the likely frontrunner for the NBA MVP Award and he carried that momentum into the All-Star Game, winning the MVP.

Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry did what superstars do at the NBA All-Star Game. He went OFF.

Curry set a record for 3-pointers made (16), dropping 50 points on 17-of-30 shooting. In fact, he hit more 3-pointers than every other starter for both teams combined. He became just the second player in the history of the All-Star Game to score 50 points.

So, obviously, you’re going to be interested in FOCO’s new, limited-edition bobblehead release, which celebrates Curry’s latest achievement. Take a look below.


We know you’re probably thinking “Well, what does it look like?”

Here’s the deal. The product design hasn’t quite been finalized yet – but that’s no cause for concern. In fact, you can rest easy when you’re purchasing from FOCO.

Because FOCO doesn’t make rinky-dink bobbleheads you get at giveaways. FOCO creates hand-crafted, hand-painted collectibles.

This one stands approximately 8 inches tall and is facing a limited production run of just 322 pieces. That means you’re going to want to act fast to secure your pre-order.

The good news? You can do so for $65 and the bobbleheads will begin shipping no later than August.

Below you can find additional item details.

  • Portrays player posing in his All-Star gameday uniform, basking in the glory of his epic performance
  • Thematic backdrop with MOST VALUABLE PLAYER text display so everyone knows you’ve got the MVP in your lineup
  • 2022 NBA All-Star Game logo accents on backdrop to commemorate basketball’s star-studded showcase
  • Thematic all-star display on top of base to make you feel like you’re at the arena
  • Team logo display on front of base, in case there were any doubts where your allegiances lie
  • Musical note accents on sides of base to bring the rhythm to your collection
  • Front name display so everyone knows who the face of your franchise is
  • Handcrafted
  • Hand painted

Don’t wait. Check out FOCO today. 

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