Golden State Warriors still have a fighters chance at the title

The Golden State Warriors probably expected to be in a better position at this time of the season than they are but that does not mean they are out of the title race. Things are just going to be a little tougher than they had hoped.

The Golden State Warriors will have a fighter’s chance at winning the championship despite a disastrous few months.

It wasn’t long ago that the Dubs had the best record in the NBA and felt poised to grow even stronger in the second half of the season as they regained key players.

Instead, the Warriors took one step forward with Klay Thompson’s return and two steps backward with an injury to Stephen Curry and a setback in James Wiseman’s recovery.

Golden State is just 4-7 in March, giving them the 21st best record in the league during this stretch. They’ve been in a downward spiral on both ends of the floor and it seems unlikely they regain their footing before the playoffs as Curry’s timetable for return is not clear.

And, even with all of these things working against the Warriors, they still have as good a chance as anyone to make a run for the title.

The league isn’t as top-heavy as it was before. The Phoneix Suns and Miami Heat both appear beatable despite being at the top of their respective conferences. While the Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets might serve up a hefty challenge, they are far from invincible.

Golden State can rest assured that as long as their big three are available to play, anything is possible. Keep in mind, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green have only lost two series together since 2015.

There is no doubt the big three will be a force in the postseason. The true test will be of the Warriors’ x-factor players like Andrew Wiggins, Otto Porter, Kevon Looney and Jordan Poole. These players have the ability to raise the Dubs’ ceiling to a point where the big three can do the rest.

We saw it in their dominant 122-109 victory over the Bucks and again in their only full-strength game of the season versus Washington when Curry exploded for 47 points. This team is capable of great things.

While the odds are stacked against them, no one is writing off the Dubs just yet.