Golden State Warriors: 3 Draymond Green sign-and-trade proposals

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The reports are out. Draymond Green is expecting a max contract extension and would potentially leave the Golden State Warriors in order to get it.

Is this an empty threat? A baseless rumor?

Who knows.

But one thing is for sure, the Dubs would want to complete a sign-and-trade before losing Draymond for nothing.

The Golden State Warriors have every reason to pay Draymond Green but if they don’t, here are three future sign-and-trades to consider next summer.

That is in the event they do not simply pay him whatever he asks for, as he has more than deserved it at this point.

Nevertheless, let’s say Golden State chooses not to max Draymond and instead searches for a sign-and-trade to send him off to another franchise.

What options are out there? Are any of them worth it?

Here are three proposals to consider for next summer.

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