Golden State Warriors: Draymond Green’s role as recruiter

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: An NBA player mentions that at some point in the offseason, Draymond Green asked him to join the Golden State Warriors.

Sound familiar?

It’s probably because this happens all the time. Even when Green’s pitch isn’t convincing enough to get them to join, a report always emerges about their conversation.

Take two recent examples.

On the Draymond Green Show, Draymond told a story about how he asked DeMar DeRozan about coming to the Bay last summer. DeRozan’s response? “F*** no.”

A more successful instance of Green playing the role of recruiter came this summer, with newbie JaMychal Green telling reporters that a phone call from Green and Steve Kerr ultimately convinced him to join the Dubs.

You always probably recall a certain somebody receiving a phone call from Draymond shortly after Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. That little conversation wound up bringing two more championships to the franchise.

Draymond Green is just as valuable off the court as he is on the court due to his role as a recruiter for the Golden State Warriors.

Now, information on this topic is a little sketchy as it’s mostly he said, she said reporting. But, has there ever been a more influential recruiter in the game of basketball?

I feel like Draymond has to be one of the most prominent in this regard.

Green seems to have his fingerprints all over the Warriors’ signings. He’s a highly respected individual and clearly charismatic and charming enough to woo potential free agents into signing with Golden State.

This is something that has helped the Dubs prolong their status as a dynasty. Not to mention, the role he plays in keeping everyone together, too.

Draymond has always been one of the most important members of the Warriors but as new information continues to emerge, his importance becomes magnified.

His basketball career has already been bright but his future in the game, whether it be in media, coaching or in a front office position, is just as promising.