Golden State Warriors: Key Date for Jordan Poole’s extension

The Golden State Warriors have some decisions to make regarding their future. For Jordan Poole, an indication of what to expect will come sooner rather than later.

It’s no secret the Dubs have their finances in a bunch. With so much money currently tied to names like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins — Poole’s chance of getting a max contract extension is already low.

Factor in the fact that Wiggins’ contract ends this summer and Draymond has indicated he wants to opt out of his deal in order to grab a max and it gets even harder to see an avenue for the Warriors to pay Poole top dollar.

Whether or not they do this will be decided by October 18, the deadline for Poole to sign a rookie extension.

The Golden State Warriors have until October 18 to get a rookie extension deal done with rising star and sixth man Jordan Poole.

This doesn’t mean the Dubs have to offer Poole the max before then. In fact, it’s probably highly unlikely this front office backs itself into a corner prematurely.

The Dubs can offer a lesser deal by October 18 and enter the season satisfied with their current core rather than dealing with looming negotiations for the year.

There is a benefit to getting all of this over with as soon as possible. We saw how ongoing contract issues can plague a team in 2019 when Kevin Durant’s decision hung over the team for months.

For Poole, of course, betting on himself and waiting until the summer to sign a deal is the more lucrative option. Though, it comes with a risk of fumbling the bag if he gets injured or otherwise declines in his production.

While a decision before the 18th is unlikely, the deadline serves as an opportunity for the Dubs to quell a storyline that will no doubt be on everyone’s mind moving forward.