Golden State Warriors’ big three faces uncertain future

Is this the end of the Golden State Warriors‘ big-three era?

Probably not, but Draymond Green’s recent altercation with Jordan Poole will put the rest of the team relationships in jeopardy.

By now, you’ve seen the video. Reports are mixed and everyone has their own side of the story — but the footage speaks for itself.

Regardless of what happens moving forward, this was not an everyday scuffle in practice. The likelihood of this incident having a long-term effect on the team morale is almost a guarantee.

Will Draymond Green’s physical altercation with Jordan Poole cause an end to the Golden State Warriors’ big-three era?

Stephen Curry, while not as vocal as Green, is the unheralded leader of the Dubs at this point. Golden State doesn’t have to worry about losing Curry anytime soon as the reigning NBA Finals MVP is under contract until 2026.

Klay Thompson is in a similar boat. Unproblematic and still a valuable asset, Thompson’s time with the Warriors doesn’t appear to be ending soon. He can test the market in 2024 but it’s more likely Thompson signs another extension first.

And then, there’s Draymond.

Undoubtedly one of the most important players in franchise history, Green has directly led to four championship banners being raised. He also has a history of starting feuds with his teammates.

Pair his temper with a dwindling offensive production and the reasons not to extend Green for max dollars begin to add up. Especially when considering he’s entering his mid-30s.

The fight, if you’ll call it that, has put everyone in an awkward position.

Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry both jumped to Poole’s defense after initial reports attacked his character.

Notably, Curry also commented that Green’s overly-competitive spirit is one of his superpowers and he doesn’t want Dray to ever lose that fire.

Still, Poole’s upcoming contract extension will cause the Dubs to make some decisions. Will they potentially punt on a rising star like Poole in order to keep Draymond on the team? Will it even come to this?

For Green, it might have cost him millions of dollars. But for the entire team? It might result in the inevitable breakup of the big three.