Golden State Warriors’ star has questionable moment during loss to Thunder

The Golden State Warriors lost another game on the road, which is just normal at this point. They are on a seven-game road losing streak and hold the four-worst road record in the league at 7-25.

The reigning champions’ road record is well identified at this point. Instead, we need to talk about something that happened during Tuesday’s loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Draymond Green, an all-time Golden State Warriors great, and one of the best at what he does, had a moment that was, at best, questionable during the game.

It was something that maybe frustrated you if you saw it live, or even made you scratch your head. I know I was frustrated. During the second quarter, near the end of the first half, Jordan Poole had the ball on the right wing, started to drive, and picked up his dribble. Then, as Poole is being guarded, Green cuts towards the right elbow and flashes that he is open.

When Poole doesn’t pass it to him, Green throws his hands in frustration after the turnover and just walks away. He even waves the team off and walks in the opposite direction to the Thunder as they ran down the other end of the floor in transition.

This, to me, is inexcusable. I don’t care if it was Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, or Poole who did this. It isn’t okay. I know Green is passionate, but it’s the fact that he and Poole have a history. It’s the fact that his body language hasn’t looked great lately.

Now, is this why they lost? No. But, this can have an effect on everyone. It can ruin the flow and rhythm, with the Warriors having produced a 19-2 run shortly beforehand. This can test relationships between teammates, some of which have already been in the public limelight this season. The score was 65-64 at that moment, and from there, the Thunder controlled the majority of the second-half.

Could it have some correlation to the incident between Poole and Green during training camp. Would the latter have reacted in the same way if it were anyone else but Poole who didn’t make the pass? It leaves questions for the Warrior fanbase, and hopefully it’s not something that we see again.