7 Players the Golden State Warriors gave up on way too soon

Harrison Barnes, Golden State Warriors (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Harrison Barnes, Golden State Warriors (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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The Golden State Warriors have one of the most storied histories in the league. Legends such as Wilt Chamberlain have graced the uniform.Soon-to-be legends such as Steph Curry continue to build that legacy of the franchise.

However, there have been many players over the years that the franchise has given up on way too soon. Players that would go on to, at a minimum, have long successful careers. Others went on to have Hall of Fame careers, leaving the Warriors picking up the pieces of their bad decisions.

Most Golden State fans wouldn’t change a thing. After all, the team has won multiple championships in recent years. But there can still be some regret that Warriors fans didn’t get to see some of these players reach their full potential in the blue and yellow.

So in this piece we look at seven players that the Warriors should either regret, or might soon regret, giving up on too soon. And to start the list off is a familiar face to even the newest of Golden State Warriors faithful.

7. James Wiseman

This one might be an unpopular opinion, and one that is divisive, but there is a good chance that the Warriors just gave up on James Wiseman too soon. Was he working well with the current roster? No. But just look at his numbers since the trade to Detroit:

14 points, 9.3 rebounds, 1 block on 56% FG

That’s nearly a double-double and a solid role player. And while those numbers still will not justify the second-overall pick in the draft, they are good NBA numbers that could contribute to a championship level team.

While only time will truly tell whether the Warriors gave up on Wiseman too soon, the early results indicate that Wiseman could have become a very useful player in Golden State.

However, there is another face in the Western Conference currently that the Warriors may also have given up on too soon.