Offseason Report Card: Warriors get two A’s, four B’s and a C for summer moves

Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images /
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Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green
Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, Jonathan Kuminga. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

1. Re-signing Draymond Green

Signed Draymond Green to a 4-year, $100 million contract

The most important player in the Warriors’ dynasty is undoubtedly Stephen Curry, but after that it’s an open conversation between Klay Thompson, Steve Kerr, Bob Myers and Draymond Green. My money is on Green as No. 2 on that list, and now the Warriors’ money is too.

It never seemed likely that Green would leave The Bay and sign with the Sacramento Kings, Detroit Pistons or even the Dallas Mavericks, but it was at least an option until it wasn’t. The very first move out of the gates in free agency was this contract agreement between Green and the Warriors.

Four years is a long time to commit to a player like Green, who is 33-years-old and doesn’t have the ideal body to play into his late 30’s. Even so, he was still a Defensive Player of the Year candidate last season and the best defender on a fringe contender. In the playoffs he guarded both De’Aaron Fox and Anthony Davis. Even as he ages, he should continue to have an immense impact on that end of the court.

The offense falling off is more of a concern, but it’s not like he was ever breaking down opponents off the dribble; his passing will age just fine, and his poor shooting won’t get any worse. The Warriors already signaled they aren’t ready to bail on Green because of his temper and antics, as they traded Jordan Poole away while committing to Green.

This core has accomplished so much for the Warriors, and any title they were going to win in the next decade was going to be with this group running it back. That makes the potentially painful back-end of this deal less of an issue for Golden State: they want Green alongside Stephen Curry for another run at the title.

Grade: A