1 dream, 1 ambitious and 1 realistic trade target for the Golden State Warriors

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After winning four NBA championships in the past decade, the Golden State Warriors don't want to allow their dynasty to fade away further without a significant fight.

Having failed to make the playoffs -- a clear disappointment for any Stephen Curry-led team -- change is inevitable for a Warrior team who are expected to scour the trade market in the hope of revitalizing their playoff and championship hopes.

One dream, one ambitious and one realistic tried target for the Golden State Warriors to pursue this off-season

The Warriors are unlikely to know no bounds in trying to pull a big trade this offseason, having attempted an audacious bid for Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James before the mid season deadline in February.

ESPN's Ramona Shelburne told 95.7 The Game's Willard & Dibs last month that she believes the Warriors will go big game hunting, stating, "I don't see any world in which they trot back out the same team and hope it goes better."

The Warriors have issues on both ends of the floor, having failed to rank in the top eight in either offense or defense in each of the past two seasons. That should result in the front office casting a net far and wide for potential targets, while all but Curry could theoretically be on the table in the name of getting better.

Needless to say some targets will be more realistic than others. Ideally Golden State would acquire superstar to help support Curry and catapult them back towards the top of the Western Conference. However, they will more than likely have to settle for a fringe All-Star at best who gives them scope for improvement but no guarantee of returning to championship contention.

Let's have a look at three trade targets with varying levels of plausibility, starting with a dream acquisition before moving on to an ambitious and realistic option.