1 Dream, 1 Reach and 1 Realistic Free Agent Target for the Golden State Warriors

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The Golden State Warriors have had a number of blockbuster free agency moves over the last decade, starting with their extraordinary signing of Kevin Durant in the 2016 offseason.

Even when they haven't had the financial capacity, the Warriors have been able to pull a surprise with that never more evident than when they signed four-time All-Star DeMarcus Cousins in 2018.

Outlining one dream, one reach and one realistic free agency target for the Golden State Warriors in a pivotal offseason for the franchise

However, since their latest championship in 2022, Golden State's free agency fortunes have been less than ideal. Donte DiVincenzo proved a valuable acquisition in his lone season, but the likes of JaMychal Green, Dario Saric and Cory Joseph have delivered less than expected.

The Warriors will again enter the 2024 offseason with limited cash to spend. At best they'll have access to the taxpayer mid-level exception ($5.2 million) if they can duck under the second tax apron, which will be dependant on the outcomes of their own free agent in Klay Thompson, and what they do with Chris Paul's non-guaranteed $30 million contract.

That doesn't mean Golden State can't aim high. After missing the playoffs and finishing 10th in the Western Conference this season, the franchise needs a surprise acquisition akin to Cousins in 2018 (even if that didn't work out perfectly).

Let's have a look at one dream free agency target for the Warriors, one they can reach for that may be otherwise just above their budget, and one realistic option who can help fill their roster needs: