1 Dream, 1 Reach and 1 Realistic Free Agent Target for the Golden State Warriors

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Realistic: Monte Morris

If the Warriors do choose to waive or trade Chris Paul, all of a sudden they're going to have a void to fill in terms of their backup point guard position. Perhaps the franchise would be comfortable with more ball-handling and playmaking responsibility for Brandin Podziemski, particularly if they also acquired Melton who has much of the same skillset.

Putting the non-Curry minutes in the hands of a second-year player though is fraught with danger -- they tried to give a more accomplished and more experienced Jordan Poole license to run the second unit last season, only for it to fail miserably.

Golden State probably need to be in the market for another veteran point guard, with Monte Morris potentially fitting the bill as a realistic option. The 28-year-old is coming off a three-year, $27.8 million contract, though his output has been limited this season which could make him a target on a minimum contract.

A quad injury impacted the start of Morris' season which saw him play just 33 games and average 5.1 points, 1.7 rebounds and 2.3 assists. While those may be underwhelming numbers that are far from exciting, the seven-year veteran did average double-digits in scoring and 3.5 assists in four of the previous five seasons.

Morris was one of the best back up point guards in the league across a four-year stretch with the Denver Nuggets. One injury-interrupted season shouldn't necessarily remove that stature, even if it's the reason he may be obtainable on a minimum contract or close to.

It wouldn't be an exciting signing by any means, but it would be a steady one for the Warriors with Morris capable of running the non-Curry minutes where they've often struggled prior to the presence of Paul this season.