2023 NBA Redraft: Podziemski skies into the Top 10 as Warriors land forward

Brandin Podziemski and Trayce Jackson-Davis, Golden State Warriors
Brandin Podziemski and Trayce Jackson-Davis, Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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No. 28: Utah Jazz select Brice Sensabaugh, Ohio State

For whatever reason, the Utah Jazz seemed to take the right players in this draft, so they once again come back to one of their own picks. Brice Sensabaugh is a smooth offensive player who can score from anywhere, and if you only watched that half of his tape you would see a lottery player. The issue is that he is probably the worst defender in the draft and is not much of a playmaker. He's a bucket, and that type of player is worth taking this late.

Original Pick: Brice Sensabaugh, Ohio State

No. 29: Denver Nuggets select Ben Sheppard, Belmont

The Denver Nuggets decided to play the long game last summer, eschewing win-now moves to add three rookies with the plan to develop them into long-term, inexpensive rotation players. They find one here in Ben Sheppard, who plays with a high motor and seems to have a better shot than his percentage this year suggests, especially given his 88.5 percent mark from the stripe. The Nuggets could use players like that.

Original Pick: Julian Strawther, Gonzaga

No. 30: LA Clippers select Noah Clowney, Alabama

The LA Clippers got very little from Kobe Brown, a tough shot-maker at Missouri who wasn't able to channel his namesake at the NBA level as a rookie. They take a crack at finding Ivica Zubac's backup here instead, taking the 6'10" Noah Clowney with the final pick of the first round. He has great activity around the rim and hit a respectable 36.4 percent from deep; the outlines of a long-term starting big are present in Clowney and he would have been a defensible pick anywhere in the last third of the first round.

Original Pick: Kobi Brown, Missouri

Honorable Mentions

Players in the mix to go late in the first round or who would be early picks in the second round of our redraft include (in no particular order): Andrew Jackson, UConn; Kobe Bufkin, Michigan; Jett Howard, Michigan; Tristan Vukcevic, Italy; Olivier-Maxence Prosper, Marquette; Jalen Wilson, Kansas; Jordan Walsh, Arkansas

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