3 former $100 million players the Golden State Warriors can target in free agency

Philadelphia 76ers v Charlotte Hornets
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2. Gordon Hayward

If there's one thing you can guarantee in free agency this offseason, it's that Gordon Hayward won't be back with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The 34-year-old was supposed to be a key veteran piece for a young team after they traded for him at the mid season deadline, but instead he was used sparingly much to his frustration and disappointment.

Hayward's scoring dropped from 14.5 per game with the Charlotte Hornets pre-trade, to 5.3 points in 17.3 minutes over 26 regular season games with the Thunder. If that wasn't disappointing enough, the veteran forward failed to score a single point in 46 playoff minutes as his playing time whittled away to practically nothing.

The former All-Star made his frustration felt in his exit interview, while his even wife leapt to his defense on social media after Thunder GM Sam Presti acknowledged his responsibility in the failed outcome.

So, after concluding a four-year, $120 million contract, what's next for Hayward? Were his numbers in Charlotte just empty calories and his play in OKC a true reflection of having very little left to give? Or does he have a lot left to offer as a potential scorer off the bench for a contending team?

As much as the contract may not have been worth it, Hayward did average at least 14.7 points in his four seasons with the Hornets. He's shot 39.1% from three-point range or better in three of the last four years, while also averaging 4.8 rebounds and 4.0 assists in his time with Charlotte.

For a minimum contract, perhaps it's worth taking a risk on someone who, if it pans out, could be a double-digit scorer off the bench who holds enough offensive versatility and size to be a reasonable fit in Steve Kerr's system.